High quality A4 prints are available directly from the artist. Choose from any of the below and email with your choices and delivery address; I take payment via PayPal at the same email address. Prints can be signed on request.

Janice Duke Illustration

£30 individually. Four for £90. Free UK postage.

Chemical Serpents

£40 individually. Four for £100. All eight for £250. Free UK postage.

Daimonic Essence

£20 individually. Available for a limited time only. Free UK postage.

Victor TrevorJanice Duke always delivers great service. I have had the pleasure of purchasing two lovely prints and one gorgeous original, and each time I have been delighted by Janice’s swift response to my order, the good quality packaging, and above all, her delectable art! I am sure that I will be buying again.

— Victor Trevor, art collector