Hawk Divine

HD cover2

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Hawk Divine is a series of eight short stories, exploring encounters with ancient Egyptian deities in a modern context. Themes delved into include: near death experience, elation, heartbreak, wonder, enlightenment, despair and desire.

Hawk Divine asks us to wonder: Do spirits and monsters walk among us? Does the magic of imagination, word and image evoke gods into existence? Can the wisdom of a meaning-rich, poetic and life-affirming past save us from a meaningless, robotic and desolate future?

Featuring Janice Duke’s eight Egyptian Gods portrait series as full page illustrations, as well as new illustrations – including two double page images of Horus and Set – the text comes to life in full colour. Step into an enchanted world: this world.

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Dragon Divine © Janice Duke. Double page illustration for Hawk Divine by Janice Duke.


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