Janice Duke3Illustration, book cover design, myths, magic and monsters.

Hello! I’m Janice Duke and I’m an illustrator, based in Scotland. I specialise in digital illustration and design – with a focus on book illustration and book covers – for indie authors and publishers, as well as article illustration.

If you are an author or publisher looking to publish a book, I will design and create a cover you will be proud of. I create full page illustrations, small illustrations, and stylistically consistent series. My illustrations will enhance your chapters or articles by providing eye catching accompaniment.

Feel free to email me at janice.duke@hotmail.co.uk or contact me through Facebook and Twitter with any enquiries, or leave a comment below.

Organisations I’ve Worked With


Flows to the Future

Caithness and Sutherland Countryside Rangers

Hive Dalston

ReSpace Projects

Rennat Design

KIA Magic

When Illuminated Press

Poetic Minds Publishing

Paganarchy Press

Mandrake of Oxford


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