selfportrait2022_2Janice Duke is a UK based illustrator and author. She specialises in digital illustration and design, with a focus on book illustration and book covers. She is a skilled professional with over a decade of experience as an illustrator for a variety of clients, as well as for her own books. Her work is elegant and stylised, ranging from simple to high detail and tailored to suit each project. Illustration

Janice specialises in digital illustration for full page illustrations, small illustrations, stylistically consistent series and poster prints. Her illustrations enhance chapters, articles and web pages by providing eye catching accompaniment. She can produce high detail colour work, stylised colour work and monochrome work.


High Detail Colour

Stylised Colour


Book Art

She also specialises in creating book cover art and book covers. She can create ebook covers, front covers for print and full wrap covers for print, as well as artwork to customise.

Ebook Covers

Full Wrap Print Covers


Janice has been painting acrylic and mixed media portraits professionally for over 15 years, with a focus on pets and wildlife. She also paints digital portraits that can become high quality prints.

Digital Portraits

Acrylic and Mixed Media Portraits

Books and Talks

Janice is the author of the books “Hawk Divine” and “Post-Britannia“. She is primarily interested in art and philosophy based topics, strongly influenced by a master’s degree in philosophy with a focus on aesthetics and environmental ethics. Nature, mythology, psychology and the exploration of consciousness inspire and inform her work, both as a writer and as an illustrator.

She gives talks and tuition to groups and individuals on various art and philosophy based topics. Talks range from 20 minutes to an hour; classes from an hour to a day long workshop.

Feel free to contact her via the contact page with any enquiries, or leave a comment below.


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