Half of the Birds Artwork

Slightly updated illustration for a poem. I was really pleased with it, so decided to make it a print. Looks lovely up on a wall. To share it on social media I have also created a “nipple free” version, with vines painted over her chest. It honestly annoys me that artistic nudes are considered the same as pornography these days, though. As if Titian’s “Venus of Urbino” belongs on Porn Hub. I know which I’d rather people were looking at for pleasure, and which likely encourages more respect for women. But, ironically, there don’t seem to be very many “adults in the room” these days.

Anyway, let me know what you think.

Half of the Birds (with vines)

Main music while creating: Omnia — Jenny’s Tits


If you would like to buy a signed, high quality A4 print of this artwork directly from me, please fill in the contact form below:


    • Thank you very much 😊 I’m not really trying to, and may do things that are a bit different occasionally, but I do seem to be naturally developing a style in recent years. Nice to know it’s noticeable!

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