Book Review: Dark Profit Saga

“Is there a good way to be bankrupt?” said Jynn.
“Morally,” suggested Heraldin.

Orconomics  — J. Zachary Pike

Orconomics  — J. Zachary Pike

I have to admit, the title, blurb and cover for this didn’t draw me to it particularly, and if it hadn’t been recommended, I might not have read it, which would have been a shame. Just goes to show the difference presentation makes. This book is one of the best fantasy novels I have read in some time, and it’s full of comedy gold. If you like Terry Pratchet, you will love this.

Following a group of unlikely heroes, pulled together by a questionable prophet, to fulfil some destiny type stuff and eventually save the land, the main arc of the book is nothing special. It’s what the author does with it. The cynicism of the setting, the chemistry and personalities of the characters, the plot twists and pay offs, all beautifully executed. If you’re into fantasy , especially comedic fantasy I highly recommend it. But it’s not all comedy, there was a point at which I cried, and you’d have to be heartless not to. 5/5

Son of a Liche — J. Zachary Pike

So often a book series with a great start begins to flop at the second book. Not so here. Book two keeps up the high standard of the first book in all respects, developing events from the previous book further. Honestly, the only bad thing I have to say about this book is that book 3 isn’t out yet! Gimme, gimme, gimme! 5/5

A Song of Three Spirits (short story) — J. Zachary Pike

I read this just before Christmas and it had me grinning ear to ear. This is a gloriously cynical take on the classic “A Christmas Carol”. J. Zachary Pike continues with a faultless streak of excellent comedic fantasy.

Can somebody find out how we can just milk this guy for books? 5/5

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