The Truth of Beauty

Imagine you are in an art studio. In that studio a model is posing nude for a life drawing class. There are perhaps twenty or so pupils drawing the model from various angles in the particular pose the model has chosen. Each artist is a finely tuned singular instrument of perception, having lived a particular life, with particular events and having been brought up in a social environment unique to them. Each artist has their own unique tastes and forms of expression. Each produces their own image of that moment in space/time.

If the artists get up and wander around the room they can see the various views and interpretations of the model. The work will say as much or more about the observer as it does about the observed. There is no right or correct way to observe. The ways are endless. What we choose to pay attention to and express reveals us to ourselves and each other. This is the truth of beauty.


    • Thank you 😊 It’s one of those things that seems obvious once you say it, because we do it, but it’s not really talked about. Aesthetics is like that. The way we perceive the world comparable to a Rorschach test. Of course, it gets complicated because we then have the objective and seeing in terms of utility to consider; perception as functional to survival. That’s why this postmodern notion that anything can be anything looks like bollocks to me: tell it to the tiger coming to eat you and see how long you last. Just because we can see things differently doesn’t mean we can choose to make them other than they are. We can just see them more or less well enough for our purposes, and reveal something of our purposes in doing so.

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