Eye of Ra sketch

Hail Sekhmet: 
Eye of Ra, 
Lady of Flame,
Divine Mother,
She from whom evil flees.

In Egyptian myth, as the ‘Eye of Ra’, Sekhmet acted as divine retribution against mankind for failing to preserve Ma’at (truth, balance, order, harmony, law, morality, and justice.). She got a little carried away though, causing Ra to repent in order to save humanity, and was only subdued when she was tricked into slaking her thirst for blood with pomegranate beer and became too intoxicated to continue her slaughter.

I’ve often been tempted to depict this aspect of her, and this recent doodle is a possible work in progress toward that, just for fun. When I started drawing it I couldn’t help but think of Aaliyah playing Akasha in the film “Queen of the Damned“. In particular this scene, which sums up my mood going into 2021 pretty well.


  1. That film might have not aged too well, but when it came out and the fact that Jonathan Davis of Korn was behind most of the songs in that film was just great. I still listen to that soundtrak on a monthly basis.

    Great post Janice.

  2. That song playing is also one of my favorites on the Queen of the Damned soundtrack. Features the late Chester from Linkin Park. His vocals on that song was just amazing

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