Freedom To Obey WIP

The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants.

— Albert Camus

Welcome to Clown World, population: us. Some fun work in progress sketches for the guys at Tentacle Croissant, Richard Grannon and Pierre XO. Also sums up pretty well how human society is looking to me right now: sleepwalking into totalitarian psychosis. Enjoy the decline!

I won’t be posting any serious thoughts on this blog anymore, and have removed most of the previous, as the government of my country has brought in thought crime laws and can now punish people with up to seven years in prison for saying the wrong thing, even in the privacy of our own homes. Don’t worry, the idiots who made this happen assure us that the government won’t exploit it, and we all know that governments never lie or abuse their power. Uh huh 🤡 That, on top of the fact that people will brand you a Nazi-bigot-whateverphobe and actually try to end your existence for merely expressing an opinion these days, has me saying: fuck it, I see nothing about this dumpster fire of a culture we’ve created that’s worth taking any risks for. Let it burn.

So, if anyone needs me I’ll be up in the hills with the birds, fiddling contentedly and no longer participating in this bullshit. I’ll still post pretty things from time to time though.

Main music while creating: Muse – Take A Bow


    • More like Stasi. I really don’t see Scotland putting up with it for long, but I’m done trying to warn people about where this can go. They don’t listen and now talking, saying factual things that mean absolutely no harm (that I can’t risk giving you examples of), could mean jail. So fuck em. I’m off to enjoy my life, creativity and freedom, while I have them. If they want to fill their heads with cages let them, mine will stay full of rolling hills and open sky.

  1. I understand; I am sad that you come to this conclusion and wish you well. “All that is needed for evil to succeed is for good men and women to do nothing”. But this begs the question, what is there left to do? If in Edinburgh and vote for Bonnie Prince Bob.

    • I don’t see how ending up in prison helps anything and that is a likely outcome of any action against what is happening for private citizens now. People have had police at their doors for stickers and chalk, while rapes and assaults go uninvestigated, because “some animals are more equal than others”. How anyone can be comfortable with a government censoring free speech, pursuing trial without jury, actively attacking it’s political opponents via a completely compromised legal system, and redefining entire categories of people without democratic consent is beyond me. I can only assume the people supporting this really like totalitarianism and all that usually accompanies it. And these people all claim to be “progressive”. Must have redefined that to mean it’s opposite, after all 2+2=5 or else now 🤡

      I don’t consider looking after myself and my nearest and dearest doing nothing, and that is what I will be doing. Along with enjoying the hills and the birds. I’m there for those who are there for me. As for everyone else, well you can only help those who want to help themselves and you cannot be expected to take unreasonable risks. When a person is drowning you don’t jump in with them, you throw them a life ring. If they won’t take it that’s on them. If they won’t take it and they’ll have you punished for trying to help, then I wouldn’t blame anyone for doing nothing. In fact, I would argue that is for the best.

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