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    • For the authentic trendy protestor vibe be sure to chant about banning everything that doesn’t make you feel good and compelling anything that does, while being as childish and entitled as possible 😂

      “We need freedom of expression, not oppression!” Exactly 👍

  1. Excellent! Wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment as well. How can anyone support an issue without being able to debate it or form a cogent argument about it (and “agree with me or I’ll compare you unfavourably to Hitler” doesn’t count!). If a cause is good it’s not hard to get me on-side, just explain why it’s important (using complete sentences) and I’m all ears. Screaming that I should be silenced for asking questions will tend to have the opposite effect though…
    I keep seeing headlines like “someone famous has been cancelled by Twitter” and I think “Have they really? They seem to be doing ok otherwise…” If these neo-activists keep these shenanigans up soon they’ll run out of people to cancel…

    • Twitter has turned into a total cesspit. Full of woketivists, grifters, incels and other assorted creeps and crazies driving people off it, spouting horseshit and cancelling each other. Purity spirals always turn into a feeding frenzy, no one is ever pure enough. They’ll eat each other and everyone else will move on.

      I’m so glad I deleted my accounts before it really got going. I admire the few voices of sanity that are hanging in there, but it has become an unusable authoritarian mental health hazard. If I call someone “dude” I can be banned for misgendering but if they threaten to rape and kill me, and send me dick pics to demonstrate, that’s just fine 🙄 Not a site I will ever have anything to do with again and I doubt anyone beyond a tiny minority of nutters will be taking it seriously for much longer.

      You’re spot on with just explain why a cause is good. It really doesn’t take much. But if a cause amounts to “accept my delusions as true or I’ll threaten and emotionally blackmail you”, well fuck off. The whole no debate thing and the general attitude of “everyone who doesn’t affirm and submit to my beliefs fully is Hitler” just goes to show that the mental health crisis is here and raging right in front of us.

      • Aye, Twitter is a right pit of scum and villainy these days isn’t it? I left recently too – couldn’t bring myself to support it with my presence. I kept hoping Trump was going to ban it, I can’t be doing with the man but it’d have made the world a more civilised place and even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

        It’s getting close to the point where “cancelled” doesn’t really mean anything. J.K. Rolling was “cancelled” and afterwards she was more popular than ever. She must be sitting there thinking “Wow, I used to be rich and that was great, but now I’m really, really rich – and as a nice little bonus Twitter people hate me!” Not exactly a crushing punishment is it? “Agree with us or you’ll be even more successful than you used to be!” And now I see that John Cleese has been “cancelled” for supporting J.K. Rolling and I don’t imagine his bank account is looking too shabby right now either. People aren’t going to stop enjoying Monty Python, and in a week’s time no-one will remember. I reckon soon it’ll be a trendy thing, publicists will be working out exactly what their clients need to say to capture the offence zeitgeist of the moment and grab a few headlines by being cancelled. I’m hoping these comments will be enough to get me cancelled, I could use the publicity! If I can be as rich as JK and John Cleese and some prick on Twitter gets to feel self-righteous then that must be a win-win for both of us right? 😛

  2. It’s 2021, and my ageing brain still hasn’t quite figured out what the hell “cancel culture” is, but I suspect it’s something that will go against my every fibre. I just get that feeling…

    • Cancel Culture: punishment by mob for holding opinions or stating facts that do no actual harm but that others disapprove of. Punishment ranges from spiteful ostracism, including threats of physical harm and death, to having ones reputation destroyed, being made unemployable, being sent to prison for “hate crime”, actually attacked or murdered. It should go against every fibre in your being. It is the kind of vulgar might makes right abusive bullshit that leads to atrocities and wars and is a direct attack on science and reason. Instead of talking to each other reasonably and truthfully like adults, we are being ostracized into the lies and silence that characterise totalitarianism. Don’t challenge anything and do as you are told or else there will be “consequences”. That’s cancel culture.

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