Book cover art and design I created for Bruce W. Johnson’s third Demons book: Demonspawn. Check it out and let me know what you think. For more about the Demons Tales Series [click here].

Demons walk among us.

Ancient prophecies play out on the streets of modern London as the greatest of the Demon Lords plan their path to domination.

“A woman shall have a child, and that child shall be demonspawn, and it shall rise to have riches and power in the world of men, and it shall gain leadership and domination over mankind.”

At first the unsuspecting humans are unaware of their peril, as a rising tide of unexplained events seem to be disturbing but unrelated. On the wild moorlands of Yorkshire a retired prison officer is torn apart by vicious beasts beneath the eerie light of a blood moon. In the suburbs of London women are stalked and murdered. Churches are desecrated and acts of extreme violence leave the police searching for answers.

Main music while creating: Lamb of God — Blacken the Cursed Sun


    • If you like dark and demonic urban fantasy then it should be worth a look 😉 Glad you like the art, its based on events in the story. The author is a talented friend and I’ve enjoyed all his books so far, especially as I’ve got to read them before everyone else 😁

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