Ice King


With thanks again to Dawie aka Savageddt of WordaholicAnonymous for supplying me with those fantastic snowy owl reference photos to sketch from.

Main music while creating: Polar Bear — Puscifer


    • Thank you! I’m enjoying trying different subjects with the poetry and it’s nice to be able to link different creative things together.

    • Cheers! I thought so too, hehe! Wracked my brains trying to come up with the perfect phrase for them and when I thought of that it made me smile.

    • Thank you very much! And you are very welcome, I wouldn’t have been able to make this without those photos. It’s always fun to see what I can do with good references, and this one uses at least three of the pics you sent to create the one bird and get the body and facial expression right. Turning the white mouse one was holding in a photo into a lemming in the drawing was a fun little detail.

      Writing has been a hobby of mine for a long time, but I’ve almost been ashamed to share poetry. It seems to be a very niche thing to like, with most seeming to think its lame. So thank you for the high praise!

      • I will be trying to bring back my Wednesday Wordsday posts in the new year. For the time being(if you want) you can go to my home page and have a look at some of my attempts in the past…

        I sent you a mail earlier as to reply on the linking me to your posts🙂. Im going to do a post and link the last two posts on a post of mine if you wouldnt mind?

      • Looking forward to more Wednesday Wordsday in the new year then! Have enjoyed what I’ve seen from you so far, and we poets should stick together and encourage each other 😄 Gods know no one else will 😂 I’m making myself post more and going to try my best to stick to it.

        Will check my mail for that in a bit. I’d be delighted if you do a post linking mine! Cheers! 😊

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