Snowy Owl Sketches

Owls are such gorgeous creatures. I really enjoyed drawing these. If you’re interested in learning more about snowy owls [click here].

With thanks to Dawie, aka Savageddt of WordaholicAnonymous, for supplying me with some fantastic reference photos from the zoo he works at. You’re a star, Dawie!


  1. Woooow! Janice these are amazing. They look
    exactly like the pictures i mailed you😱. I did not get a notification for this post tho… Imagine I missed these beauties😢. I am speechless about how good these came out Janice

    • Thanks! Really glad you like them 😄 Those were great photos to work from. If you email me your postal address I’ll post you a print if you’d like.

      • We have five new babies that are nearly adult now since the pictures i sent you. Have not been able to get pocs of them yet, they are also very pretty. Will email you tomorrow. Would love a print

  2. They are beautiful, Janice.
    Do you recall seeing the fabulous photography of one in an Attenborough program (I think)?

    What fantastic creatures they are!

    And what very lovely drawings. 🙂

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