An Owl For All Seasons

Four Seasons

Here are the four owl paintings I’ve posted previously together, as intended. I have them as a little flock on the wall in my hallway. They make me smile.

Acrylic sketches on A5 canvas boards, painted in around an hour or so each. Which do you like most?


      • I like the colors on that one, though they are all comparable. When I was a kid we had a pet owl named “Clubfoot” because he had a club foot. Oh, wait, we have two owls. They were both in a Disney TV movie, where they trained them to do various stunts. When we got them back, they weren’t the same. But I barely remember any of this. My mom told me about it.

        There were “Horned Owls” though, and that’s much more the one in the upper right. So, I just like the colors, and the feathers on the head of the other owl. It seems cute.

  1. I spoke with one of the snow owl care takers yesterday. She will be taking foto’s from up close as the ones i take include the wire of the habitat the whole time. Hope that it will come in today

    • Oh wow, thank you! Any photos you wish to send my way could be very handy for sketches. Cheers 😊

      • I was going to ask you to check your spam folder, i sent a few last week to the email adress you have on contact page.

      • Just checked and yes, was in my spam. Thank you so much, those photos are excellent! 😁 I will definitely be able to make some drawings and paintings from them. When I get around to it I will post you one if you would like that 😊

  2. Very nice work on all of them, as always😁
    I’m particularly impressed with how much personality each bird has.

    • Thank you, Tim 😁 When I have more time, owls are a subject I will definitely be coming back to. The birds themselves have so much personality it’s really lovely to work with them.

  3. I love the tawny owl! It’s the expression on its face- a sort of ‘I know what you’ve been up to but am secretly somewhat amused’ look. I can see why the group makes you smile, they’re gorgeous!

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