Winter (Barn Owl)


Acrylic sketch on A5 canvas board, painted in around an hour or so.

An abstract barn owl (tyto alba – a cool as fuck Latin name). The last sketch from a series of four, the same series of experiments as the previous tawny, short-eared and little owls.

If you ask me, the barn owl is a very strong contender for most goth/metal bird. Hear me out. They hang out at night in and around abandoned buildings, dressed like a cross between the spirits of the restless dead and aliens, screaming like someone (or something) being brutally murdered and scaring the shit out of people. Ravens, eat your hearts out.


  1. We have three Snow owls at our zoo, the kind I call them Hedwiges as they are a constant reminder of Harry Potter. I have not heard them make a sound though. Barn owl just got my vote for creepy as fuck with that voice clip. Great sketches.

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