Summer (Short-Eared Owl)


Acrylic sketch on A5 canvas board, painted in around an hour or so.

An abstract short-eared owl (asio flammeus). A sketch from a series of four, the same series of experiments as the previous little owl.

If you absolutely pushed me to pick a favourite British owl, the shorty would be it. A fierce, nomadic, golden eyed, cat with wings, they handily hunt in the daytime so I can admire them (albeit from afar). Given that, I don’t feel I did it much justice with this, but I will definitely be doing more with this beautiful subject in future.


  1. That’s excellent – I too really like shorties. I know what you mean about there being something of a cat about them too. I think you did a fantastic job here – although I certainly won’t be discouraging you from doing some more!

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