Spring (Little Owl)


Acrylic sketch on A5 canvas board, painted in around an hour or so.

From a series of four. An abstract little owl (athene noctua) I painted a while back as part of some experiments with speed and play with paint. I’ve often looked back at them and wondered about doing something similar but more detailed.

In Greek mythology, a little owl traditionally represents or accompanies Athena, goddess of wisdom. A strange pick if you ask me as, although they are very very cute, they also tend to look like they’re out of their tiny minds.


  1. Janice that’s really good drawing. Keep safe. I live in a coronovirus hotspot unfortunately surrounded by it, I only just found out a little scared.

    • Thanks Angie. Do everything you can to stay safe, and keep in mind that positive emotions boost the immune system, so try to focus on the things that make you feel good and hope for the best.

  2. Isnt any owl a representation of wisdom? I did not know the part of Athena… thank you for sharing your talent aswel as teaching me something new

    • For the ancient Greeks it was specifically the little owl. Cheers, glad you liked and you’re very welcome 😊

  3. That’s very cute! I do like little owls, one of my favourite birds and the only British owl I’ve never seen in the wild (unless you count eagle owls – which I would if I ever saw one!)

    • I would suggest taking a trip to the south of England to see them, but you’ll have to wait until the lockdown is over 😉

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