Big Mind/Little Mind Sketch

big mind and little mind small

I find looking back through my old sketchbooks quite inspiring.

This is a sketch from a trip to Tenerife inked up digitally. I was doing a lot of meditation on that trip and reading ‘Homage to Pan‘, a biography of the life of artist Rosaleen Norton. Anyone familiar with her work will be able to see the influence on the sketch. I did a number of them while on that trip, very much influenced by her style and my meditation work, and am enjoying looking back over them lately.

big mind and little mind sketch

Main music while creating: Mastodon – Sleeping Giant


  1. That’s fantastic! I thought there was a Rosaleen Norton element to the picture, but you’ve very much brought your own style to it as well. Will we be seeing any of your other sketches from the same trip?

    • Thank you! Yes, though they are quite odd and not the sort of thing I usually show, I’m interested to see what people make of them 😉

  2. Wow, this is really cool! I wasn’t familiar with Rosaleen Nortan, but after looking her up I see why you were drawn to her distinct / controversial style. It’s so expressive! I like how you used her influence without losing your own essence. Somehow I never think of sharing the personal stuff like this because I figure no one else will find it interesting but me lol .. I think you just proved me wrong 😉

    • Thank you!

      Her work has so much energy and such a distinct sense of her, and her comfort with who she was, in all her strangeness. I admire that. She lived a pretty interesting life too!

      I’m getting into sharing a bit of the personal and rougher stuff, it’s helping me be less perfectionist, so more productive, and the feedback can be quite useful. I didn’t think anyone would find it interesting either, but you may be surprised 😉

  3. I have no idea who inspired the sketch but i do like your drawing. The big head is especially well done in my opinion cause as much as i see horns i also see a snake above the face part, was it intended like that or just happy coincidence?

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