Peregrine Sketch

Peregrine Sketch

If I had to pick a favourite bird, this beauty would be it. Watercolour wash and pen on paper. For fun and practice. Do you have a favourite bird?


  1. That’s excellent – you’ve really captured it beautifully. It would make a nice picture for a birthday card.
    As for my favourite bird, that’s an excellent question (albeit a very tricky one for me – a bit like “what’s your favourite book” or “what’s your favourite album”). It really comes down to mood and what I’m doing at the time (and most likely what I’m looking at at the time!) but right now my choice would be between Golden Plover – partly for hearing them singing on the high tops on hot days in the middle of summer but mostly for spring evenings when they come down and sing on the fields and suddenly winter is over, and Whooper Swan – the equivalent for the winter really, they’re so big and regal and they suddenly show up out of the north, you’re out one chill, damp November evening and suddenly you hear the creaking of their wings and there they are. And Nightjar… And Barn Owls… And Scoter… And drumming Snipe… And Kingfishers… I could go on! Any of those on your to-paint list?

    • All of them! Great picks. They’re all so different and amazing in their own ways.

      And thank you, I’m glad you like the sketch.

  2. Generally speaking, I love birds of prey, but my “big” favourite is the long-tailed tit – just so damn cute!

    • Long-tailed tit were my #1 for a long time. Yes, so damn cute, especially when the juveniles flock together. Guaranteed to make me squee!

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