Inktober Birds

You might have gathered by now that I’m a bit of a bird lover. I had separated out my wildlife art from my illustrations, but I’m not going to be doing that anymore, so expect to see more birds and wildlife here in future, likely with a fantasy twist.

These are some of my Inktober bird doodles. I didn’t take a lot of time over them, maybe 30 minutes each, so I’m fairly pleased with what I managed. Shouldn’t have surprised me that they were a go to that worked well, given that birds are probably what I sketch most if left to draw whatever I want, though that’s usually with a pencil. Pen and ink made me feel a bit nervous about it, but didn’t feel that different otherwise.

“Enchanted”. Each night the women turn into owls, silvery ghosts haunting the misty hills.
“Build”. We speak so coldly of pair bonds, but watch them together and you will know they are in love.
“Freeze”. An ice queen eyes her prey.

What do you draw or create most when you can do whatever you want? Tell me in the comments.


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