Calamus Draco

4 Calamus Draco wip2

Calamus Draco, the plant from which the bright red resin Dragon’s Blood is obtained. According to myth, Dragon’s Blood was created from the blood of a basilisk and an elephant who died fighting. Their mixed blood then turned into the resin.

Colour illustration commission.

Main music while creating: Mastodon – Blood and Thunder


  1. Once again you’ve produced a very powerful piece here with a real emotional resonance. The elephant looks quite sorrowful, whilst the basilisk looks powerful and fierce. I love the way the elephant’s ears merge into the leaves of the plant as well – brilliant work all round!

    • Thank you very much! The way the leaves of the plant hang had me thinking of the ears when I started trying to figure out how to make all the different elements work together. Try as I did, I found it quite difficult to give the elephant an angry expression, but very easy to give it a mournful one. Probably says something about how I feel about the situation of the elephant in the picture really. The basilisk came out fierce quite naturally though. I’m very pleased with the emotional tone it all ended up with.

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