Demon Tales


Book cover for Demon Tales by Bruce W. Johnson. © Janice Duke

Book cover art and design I created for Bruce W Johnson’s book of short stories: Demon Tales. Check it out! For more about the Demons Tales Series [click here].

Eighteen short stories where demonkind come face to face with humankind, the results are sometimes amusing and sometimes horrifying. What they all have in common is a fast moving style which will keep you entertained from start to finish. There may be some who try to deal with Demons and come to regret it, while others may be lucky and enjoy good fortune. A gambler sells his immortal soul without considering the consequences.  A brutal exorcism tears apart a religious community. A demon becomes caught up in a confidence trick. A young girl discovers a demon’s treasure horde. When armed police confront a demon they find their modern weapons are of little use. A young woman seeks help from a demon, but the price is more than she is willing to pay.

Main music while creating: Letters to Cleo – Dangerous Type

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