Hawk Divine update #2

Hawk Divine wip3

I opened my eyes and found myself sitting beneath the tree. Something stirred within me. From my soul the hawk divine would soar, my winged heart a warrior.

– Let One Song Rise From the Universe, Hawk Divine

I received my first proof of Hawk Divine in January and have been working away to make all the needed amendments adjustments since. This has included adding more to the two full page images, so is taking a little while (especially as I have a rather exciting day job doing ecological surveys at the moment – lots of birdwatching fun!). Above is a sneak peek at a section of the work in progress for Horus’s two page; it has had more work since… Let me know what you think.

I’m so proud of what I have been creating for you and so excited to be so close to finally finishing the book now. I hope you are just as excited to see it.


  1. Well done Janice! I love hawks too, saw one today, flying high above me :). They remind me that all is as it is supposed to be, and they ignite the spirit for sure! To feel the quickening and power of those soaring wings ride the thermals.. Awesome! blessings to you!

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