Eyes of Fenrir


Full wrap book cover I created for Jacob Russell Dring‘s latest supernatural thriller, Eyes of Fenrir. Available now for Amazon Kindle and in paperback.

Struggling to cope with her lycanthropic existence, Mün Wainwright is led down a violent path of self-discovery while seeking revenge for her father.

You can see the work in progress below, from discussing some initial ideas with the author, to the final draft ready for completion; plus the art without text. If you would like to commission a book cover from me contact me via the contact page.

Main music while creating: VAST – Free


  1. Just found these book covers accidentally, hadn’t known. Interesting projects. I like that you associate them with certain pieces of music while creating.

    • Thank you. I find certain music stimulates certain creative ideas. I can get images strongly associated with particular songs while I’m working on them.

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