New Year’s Kiss

new_year_kiss_by_janicedukeA few things were on my mind around New Year.

My artwork often expresses stuff I tend to shy away from talking about. But I’ve found in recent years that the more that I do this the less inclined I am to even make art to say the things I need to say. I need to talk about them too. There are conversations I feel society needs to be having that we are not, and I see art as in many ways responsible. Art is the foundation of civilisation; aesthetics have consequences. The shit happening in society right now is in large part, arguably, the result of an obsession with process over outcome, with work for work’s sake, rather than for meaning’s sake, and with the fetishisation of meaningless substitutes for meaning. Postmodernism has created a meaningless, insane world, by claiming that the world is meaningless and insane. So I am heading into 2018 with one intention in mind above all others: create with purpose.

How about you?

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