The Rising Tide

Rising Tide WIP3

Full wrap book cover I created for Prashant Vaze’s debut fiction release ‘The Rising Tide’. If you like the sound of a thought-provoking science-fiction novel about the impact of climate change this will be well worth checking out. Due for release December 15th and available for pre-order for Amazon Kindle and in paperback. Read the first two chapters for free at

It’s the latter half of the 21st century. The glaciers on Greenland are melting. Refugees fleeing climate change trickle into the UK. No more oil and gas; robots and computers have taken most of the jobs.

Super-smart, part-time hacker, 15-year old Aria Lovelace is studying for entry to an elite university. She lives with her irksome brother, dreamy musician Dad, controlling mother and their passive-aggressive computer. The plan is she’ll follow in her family’s over-achieving footsteps.

Their village is hit by a tsunami and Aria is left behind after her village is evacuated. Alone she finds a queue of people wanting to settle old scores with her family. As Aria searches for her mother and brother, she uncovers secrets about her family’s and her own past. No-one is who they seem. Who Can she trust?

You can see the work in progress below, from discussing some initial ideas with the author, to the final draft ready for completion; plus the art without text. If you would like to commission a book cover from me contact me at


Main music while creating: VAST – Falling From the Sky

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