Dismember the Myriad

Dismember the Myriad © Janice Duke. Book cover for Dismember the Myriad by Jacob Russell Dring.
Dismember the Myriad

Full wrap cover I created for Jacob Russell Dring’s latest dark sci-fi ‘Dismember the Myriad’. Available from Amazon for Kindle and as paperback.

Byron Duerr didn’t think his nightmares could ever attain reality, but when a malevolent alien race visits Earth, he realizes he is meant for something more.

You can see the work in progress below, from discussing some initial ideas with the author, to the final draft ready for completion. If you would like to commission a book cover from me contact me at janice.duke@hotmail.co.uk

Main music while creating: VAST – Loneliness is Fine


  1. Very nice – love the contrast between the intense stare of the protagonist and the hideously alien appearance of the monster. There’s something almost sorrowful about that one “human” eye in it’s otherwise utterly inhuman face, like it knows what its going to do to you and it pities you for it.

    Great to see your process as well, always interesting to see how someone works through an idea.

    • Thanks! It was really fun to work through the author’s ideas with him. Sounds like I managed to get some of the subtler elements across too! 😉

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