Isis Excerpt

Isis © Janice Duke. Full page illustration for Hawk Divine by Janice Duke.

As I move I feel I am a tree filled with chattering sparrows, then a dandelion seed floating in the wind. I am rooted, then uplifted, feather, moss, then stone. My bare feet tingle as I spin on the warm grass. I hear a guitar join the rhythm. I am a buzzard circling high in the sky. I am worms wriggling in the roots of wild garlic. I am a droplet of morning dew trembling in a spider’s web.

As I move my body to the playful tune I am lost in all this wonder, I feel life pulsing through me. I spin and spin and spin, rocked in the arms of a goddess. Her hair is a forest thousands of miles wide, her skin a desert at sunrise. The oceans of the world pulse in her veins and she smiles. Oh how she smiles! Sirius sparkles in her eyes. From her womb spirals out the evolution of life, like a polyp, countless tendrils of countless creatures birthing and dying into each other, like every cell in my own singular finite form.

I slow my movements, making my way from the other dancers to sink and leisurely lie in the grass as the music continues. The sky is filled with birds and my body with elation. I wiggle my fingers in front of my face and wonder at the life in them. One day I will die and descend into this earth. I will rise as spring flowers to feed butterflies. I am a ripple and I am the river. We are all echoes of each other, echoing into eternity.

Image and text from my forthcoming book Hawk Divine.

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