Horus Excerpt

7 Horus © 2012 Janice Duke
Horus © 2012 Janice Duke

I found myself sitting upon a throne, wearing a crown made of flame. The gaudy seat felt alive, a living wonder that somehow pulsed into my mind images of swallows in flight. A great tree grew behind me, connecting the earth with the blazing blue heavens above. Among the giant leafy branches I could make out what I thought at first were birds, then I realised they were angels. They tended golden fruits drooping from the great boughs up high. As I watched them buzz around like bees, I felt somehow that there was also something slowly moving deep below; some enormous serpent slumbering, curled in the roots of the tree. When I focused my thoughts I could almost see it, surrounded by blood red gemstones, equal to the golden crop above.

From pulsing firmament, with dexterity and grace, the bird-god descended into this reverie. He landed softly before me, mantling as he transformed, and there stood a man in white with the head of a falcon. One eye the moon, the other the sun, he too was crowned but with a snake; a golden cobra that reared from his brow, coiling about his head. As I held his savage gaze I looked deep within him and saw a glorious child with skin of burning gold, who gestured silence with a knowing grin.

Image and text from my forthcoming book Hawk Divine.

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