Post-Britannia: Update


Exciting news; Post-Britannia – the book I co-wrote with my brother – is now available for purchase as an eBook for Kindle and other devices on [click here].

For those who prefer physical books – with their delightful book smell and capacity to be thrown at the heads of annoying people – the paperback edition is also now available from [click here].

If you don’t live in the UK then search “Post-Britannia” on the Amazon site for the country you’re in and it should be available. If you don’t have Amazon in your country then the paperback is also available worldwide via CreateSpace [click here]. Woo!

Look out for more shiny promotional art and quotes by yours truly, or just show some love, via Facebook and Twitter, and let me know what you think.


  1. I’ll buy a copy, when our house is back in order, post floods! It sounds great! Am wondering also if my daughter, Serena, can interview you or both of you for part of her research project for year 12, where she is researching writing a book ( fantasy, horror, sci-fi)? We could do it via Skype :).

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