Post-Britannia is a dystopian novel set in a fictional future Britain by my brother T.C. Duke and myself. The first draft was completed at the end of 2010 and although it was initially inspired by my brother’s experiences with his local Job Centre, neither of us thought that the events in the book would ever come to reflect the current state of British society in as much as they do now. Fast forward six years and the regime the Tory Westminster government has put in place throws disabled, vulnerable and desperate people straight under the wheels of a state machine that seems fixated on work for the sake of work, zero rights for any but a privileged few and a complete lack of vision for the future beyond the word “control”. This is a book that’s time appears to have come.

William King is as out of control as the world he lives in. While a hulking, menacing government bureaucracy consolidates its grip on the general populace, stripping rights and twisting bodies and minds, with its attempts to tighten control ever increasing toward attaining utter dominance, Billy’s fracturing mind and feral body scrabble for hope and freedom. Abandoned by father and by brother, assailed by the insanity of his frail yet despotic mother and the dog-eat-dog society she reflects, Billy must choose between starvation in the gutter or submission to military might and pray that some part of him survives. As friends die and dreams crumble, will Billy destroy the corporatist war machine that has invaded and reshaped him from the inside out or be consumed by it?

Post-Britannia is now available to purchase from Amazon.

As our first collaboration, as well as our first novel, Post-Britannia has a voice very distinct from works I will be publishing as sole author in future. Those of you patiently waiting for Hawk Divine will be pleased to know it is on track to be published in 2017. Watch this space.


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