Book in Progress and Talk on Thursday

Whether he is real or imaginary is of little concern. His form shimmers and shifts like vapour. He is welcome company, his words as wise as they are perceptive. He speaks to my heart. Perhaps he is my heart? I know that I know nothing with any certainty.

Those of you who are fans of my Egyptian Gods artwork are in for a treat as I have recently finished a draft of the book they will illustrate. Hawk Divine features eight stories for eight gods, along with a new piece for the cover. Watch this space for more details 😉

Speaking of gods and stories, I will be giving a talk this Thursday (12th November) at The Hive as part of Nerd Night, and going full philosophy nerd to speak about Mythos and Logos. I will be exploring these two concepts as allies rather than enemies and arguing that our modern logos oriented culture needs a serious dose of mythos. Come along!


  1. […] from works I will be publishing as sole author in future. Those of you patiently waiting for Hawk Divine will be pleased to know it is on track to be published by the end of this year. Watch this […]

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