Over £1000 Raised For Red Kites

Red Kite © Janice Duke. Limited edition print (20) that raised over £1000 for the RSPB.

That’s right, we made it! Almost all of the limited edition archive quality prints of my Red Kite artwork, created to honour the lives of the Red Kites and Buzzards we lost in Ross-Shire in 2014, have been sold. I can now donate over £1000 to the RSPB, whose investigation and species protection work may help prevent future incidents and may help bring any who were involved in this or other wildlife persecution to justice, and whose education work teaches current and future generations to view our wildlife with due respect and care.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported and encouraged this project, especially the buyers, you fantastic wonderful people! I hope that this beautiful image brings you pleasure for many years to come, and helps to ensure that the sight of its living inspiration continues to grace our countryside. Thank you!


  1. Congratulations! What a wonderful and inspirational thing to have done! Things like this help us to remember that although there are a few vicious and bitter people out there who wantonly attack our wildlife, there are also staunch and compassionate individuals like yourself willing to work hard to turn the tide. You should be very proud to have done this.

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