Wedding Bells and Laser Beams

A little something I painted for two geeky friends of mine that got married recently. I think you’ll agree they’re a lovely couple 😉

Master Chief & Cort-Ana © Janice Duke. Portrait for wedding.
Master Chief & Cort-Ana

They had a beautiful outdoor ceremony at Fingask Castle and now they’re off on their honeymoon. Congrats guys! So happy for you!

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  1. Reblogged this on Convert or Die and commented:
    Ok, this isn’t to do with miniatures, 40k or any of my usual fare, but it does feature a Spartan and they’re practically Space Marines anyway. It also features one of my best friends with whom I wasted a huge part of my youth playing Halo and that should be more than enough reason for you to have a look at this.

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