Pencil, Paper and Perception at The Hive

On Tuesday 2nd June I ran an art workshop at The Hive on the themes of drawing basics and perception. I was then asked to do a second workshop on Friday June 12th.


This was a great opportunity to try out a few new techniques, along with some tried and tested ones, as well as focus on the topic of drawing as a way of thinking. Perception is a subject that fascinates me and drawing is a really effective way to quickly and easily show that we all perceive and express the world differently. Grasping this intellectually is one thing, but grasping it in experience by putting pencil to paper and looking at the work of others captures it on an emotive embodied level.


By taking the students through a series of exercises to practice observational and imaginative skills, it can be shown that they are indeed just skills and that they can be developed, along with confidence. By mastering these skills to any extent everything else in art becomes easier, because you learn to build up and use your creative thinking muscles, by thinking with your hand and eye together. This is why drawing is the fundamental art and is very helpful to all other art forms. It makes teaching it very satisfying.


If you would like me to teach a drawing workshop please contact me.

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