Angel in Absentia

Angel in Absentia © Janice Duke. Book cover art for Angel in Absentia by A. K. Chandler.
Angel in Absentia

Cover art I created for the novel ‘Angel in Absentia’ by A. K. Chandler. Available from Createspace.

Clea and Ryson’s journey is reaching its end, but the battle is far from over. Not all kinds of evil look the same, a lesson Clea is becoming well acquainted with as they complete their mission. Now free from the woodlands, Clea finds herself in a city that’s become a forest all its own. With Ryson on a separate mission, she’s forced to battle enemies that now take the form of friendly faces and old wounds.

Both warriors search for the truth, and trails of secrets soon lead them back to one another. In uncovering old schemes they unveil a new enemy, a former ally of the Warlord of Shambelin. To protect their future, they risk it all to fight this fiery foe, all to find that the medallion isn’t done with them yet.

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