Killer Witness


Full wrap book cover art I created for ‘Killer Witness’ by Mark Grey. Available from Amazon.

Hayley Sinfield has never been beaten. By anything. But now she has leukaemia and the only way to cure it is a gruelling bone marrow transplant. When she begins to recover in hospital, she foresees the death of Jenny Hastings, the nurse who helped her survive the transplant, and fears it has awakened a latent psychic ability her mother used to have. While further recuperating at home Hayley becomes determined to find out how Jenny died and makes some terrifying discoveries with the help of two men who knew her mother before she died: David Carroll, a psychologist working with psychics in the intelligence services and Inspector Colin Munro, a detective who is searching for a killer who can’t be caught – until now.


  1. Have you ever visited? You would love it 🙂 Turns out my ancestry may have something to do with the Cuchullins/Cullin hills, which leads back to Ireland via Skye.

    Its amazing what antics birds will get up to over a biscuit 😀

    • No, I haven’t visited Scotland as yet, and I’m sure I will love it when I visit in the future. I’ve often dreamed of living in castles there ( ancestral memories, perhaps? ) .My McGuillivray and King McAlpin ancestors have roots with the Picts ( originally celts from France) who married Irish Queens – way back ’round 1500 BC- so I go back to Ireland through my Scottish roots there. One of my paternal Gt Grandmothers was Irish, Egan was her name, related to the namesake on the Egan stone and the priests who set up the first law schools in Ireland. My McLeod and McDonald ancestors owned the Isles, so much interest there. You are fortunate that you have them on you doorstep and that you make the efforts to embrace it and incorporate your own ancestral interest and present feeling into your experience 🙂 Ancestry is interesting and the more one studies it, the more it is certain that we are all related 🙂 . Happy adventuring!

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