Beltane 2015


An illustration of the May Queen with her consort the Green Man and their fiery spring procession for Beltane. I’ve entered it into the competition below.

Beltane Fire Society

These are the submitted designs for the Beltane 2015 poster. To vote, please either click on the Facebook link below your favourite image(s) and Like the post on the BFS Facebook page OR email with the listed number of your favourite(s).

You can vote for more than one entry if you like, but please don’t vote for all of them as it is the same as not voting for any.

Clicking on an image will give you a slightly larger view.

Remember, you are not just voting for a pretty picture. You are voting for an over-all design to advertise a festival. Please consider how noticeable designs will be on a wall surrounded by other posters, how clearly information is presented and how readable text will be from a distance.

Please note some of the information presented in the designs may be subject to change before printing.


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    • That’s a good score Janice! I think 4 won, as it has the traditional symbolism attached to it, with the roaring flames and the image has such striking contrasts between the black and red. I love yours too, with its amazing technique and its thorough interpretation of Beltane :).

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