I had a fabulous time with Nomad Photographic and friends at the 2014 Beltane Fire Society Samhuinn Fire Festival in Edinburgh. Here is his blog about the event‎:

Life Through The Lens


After a trip to Edinburgh to celebrate the coming of Winter (though most people dread the winter months) I would like to share the experience. The photos were taken during the Beltane Fire Society’s parade down the Highstreet of Edinburgh. The group put a lot of work into this and work very hard and I’d highly recommend attending their events.




Firstly forget Halloween, sourced from All Hallow’s Eve which in turn is thought to be a Christianised version of the old Celtic harvest celebrations. Though many people we met on the way and around town had no idea what Samhuinn is and assumed that the wolf skin I was carrying or wearing was Halloween or a few even said Game of Thrones, they got a less than impressed response.




Samhuinn is a mystical and magical time of year, the source coming from the old Celtic Religions, celebrated by many ‘pagan’…

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