Kalia and Matrix Androcul

Full wrap book covers I created for Matthew OKeefe’s fantasy novels ‘Kalia Androcul’ and ‘Mattrix Androcul’.


Available from Amazon.

A millennium has passed since the disappearance of Mattrix Androcul, the leader of the gods and hero to the universe. His son has taken over, but Xathos proves to be a terrible leader. The gods splinter among themselves, and the damned souls take the opportunity to attack the federation of gods. The loyal gods band together against the separatists and impious and they gather the strongest gods and souls available. When the war seems to be at a close, a dangerous force threatens all of existence. A mysterious man known as Phoenix hold a power capable to destroy the universe, and he intends to do just that. Phoenix and his cultists follow Mattrix’s legend and plan to destroy everything to rubble and rebuild from the ashes. The sisters Kalia and Amira volunteer to investigate Phoenix, but he proves far too powerful to control. In an attempt to strike his weakness, Kalia stands alone as the remaining gods try to control the supernova Phoenix created.


Also available from Amazon.

A twin, born with a destiny affecting the fate of the human race, and the world, Mattrix Androcul, a descendant of the powerful Androcul family, discovers that corruption, war, and betrayal are not only found in mortals. A war between the gods has broken out, and Mattrix must save the world from the traitor gods. From each plane of existence, Mattrix, his family and his friends make it their duty to purge the universe of the impiety in the divines, and to better the mortals in the universe.

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