Red Kite

Red Kites are beautiful and distinctive birds of prey, ones I particularly enjoy watching in action. There’s something about the way they move, so elegant and powerful. It moves me. As the death toll rose in Ross-shire earlier this year in what would amount to a particularly disturbing incidence of persecution, I was appalled. Each individual killed was, to me, as innocent as a child. A wild little brother or sister lost to us all.


I decided to create this piece of artwork to commemorate the sixteen Red Kites (and six Buzzards) that were killed, focussing on the beauty and spirit of these birds. I have had twenty A3 limited edition archive quality prints produced, they are signed and numbered and £85 each (including P&P). I will donate all the profits from the sale of these prints to the RSPB, whose investigation and species protection work may help prevent future incidents and may help bring any who were involved in this or other wildlife persecution to justice, and whose education work teaches current and future generations to view our wildlife with due respect and care.

Update: All prints sold and over £1000 raised! Thank you to everyone who supported and encouraged this project, especially the buyers, you fantastic wonderful people! I hope that this beautiful image brings you pleasure for many years to come, and helps to ensure that the sight of its living inspiration continues to grace our countryside. Thank you!


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