Lord of War


Cover art I created for ‘Lord of War’ by A.K. Chandler. Available from Amazon.

The country of Shambelin is a wonderland. Its forests are teeming with life, its people have coexisted for centuries, and it’s protected by an order of virtuous warriors named Veilin. Life is surreal. Until night. As the sun sets, the forests rot into ashes, and humans barricade themselves inside their cities as monsters prowl the darkness outside. The world has fallen victim to a plethora of sinister phenomena, and with every passing year, Veilin forces grow weaker. Clea Hart is a Veilin princess, and her latest mission demands that she brave the forests. It’s a feat she can’t undertake alone, and in desperation elicits the help of a mysterious man named Ryson. The duo conquers one enemy after another, but when Ryson’s secrets come to light, Clea realizes that the horrors of the forest are nothing but a playground to his past.

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