Zombie Hall Pass


Full wrap cover I created for ‘Zombie Hall Pass’ by Warren Shader, plus 25 internal illustrations (examples below). Available from Amazon. First children’s book I’ve done and it was a lot of fun!


The school schedule for today includes: lunch break, math class, and… zombies?? When a green mist starts pouring out of the gym and turning people into zombies, John Hardy (the middle School nerd,) must join forces with his close friend Big Mike and the popular girl Melissa. Using knowledge found in video games and comics, the three must solve the mystery of the outbreak, meeting unique characters along the way such as Bobby the photo room ‘survivor’ or the scraggily haired janitor Mr. Wiggins. And what does Agent Wazowskiburg of B.R.A.T.S. have to do with anything? In MIDDLE SCHOOL SECRET FILES: ZOMBIE HALL PASS nothing is as it seems and it will take more than smarts, strength or popularity to save everyone and find the mastermind of the zombifying green mist.

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