The Colour of Her Lips


Full wrap book cover I created for ‘The Colour of Her Lips’ by Jacob Dring. Available from Lulu.

Adam, a man with a peculiar blindness, sets out to descend into the madness that is the Underground–a criminal sex trafficking ring beneath the city streets–where there is purportedly a young woman, Isis, whose lips can heal any plight. Adam goes through layers of concrete, morals, hostility, depravity, and distorted vision to find the cure to his blindness and a way to save the prisoners of the Underground.

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  1. Do have a great time and party on Imbolc! 🙂 The season’s here, are different to the temperate zones in the Northern Hemisphere, so there is no real 4 season’s demarcation ( we have no winter, according to Europeans and Northern Americans). It also depends on where you live in Australia, as it is a vast land of many seasonal differences. I prefer the aboriginal Southern Australian 6 season’s, as it is more applicable to here in Adelaide, at a latitude of 34 degrees South; which is akin to Lebanon, thus our temperature is more Mediterranean in style. You can read more here about the different Aboriginal Seasons in different locations in Australia:: I have spent much time with aboriginal people learning traditions and myths, some language ( there are hundreds) and local tucker. Personally, I have always been pagan, have always loved the land, herb lore, the traditions and mythologies of the indigenous peoples around the world! When I was very young, I used to dream about being a High Priestess Druidess, and would re-enact the seasonal and moon dance rituals with the Priestesses in the Oak Groves in which there were many pigs. I celebrate the changing seasons with meditation, sacred dance, fire, great food and affirmations! Imbolc is always a special time for me, as I feel a special kinship to it; maybe because of the Brigid’s Day/Bridget’s day namesake significance of the triple fire goddess, and it also cooincides with my astrological Ascendent! Here, we enter Bunuru, which means hot dry winds time, so we get hot dry winds from the North as well as cooler South-Westerly’s. Thus, Imbolc is more like your Northern Hemisphere Lughnasadh.. Fruits are ripening on the trees, everything is rich with colour and life! Blessings to you, Bridget :).

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