Absolved of the Flesh


Full wrap book cover I created for ‘Absolved of the Flesh’ by Jacob Russell Dring. Available from Lulu.

Gaia, a biospheric terrestrial planet, is home to both humanity and war. Eleven years after a civil conflict wrought havoc on the society that was GAW—the Gaian Alliance of Welfare—a fresh threat has resurfaced. Utilizing a military fronted by human-controlled mechanized exoskeletal combat hosts, or MECHs, GAW hopes to claim victory yet again. Luther Varone, a veteran of the civil war and an experienced MECH pilot, is called back into service to form a team comprised of his sister, a longtime friend, a potential love interest, and a novice pilot to engage the enemy. This time, things are different—the enemy, an exiled rebel force from the civil war, have turned completely savage and now wield greater resources than before. Through a mist of barbarism and betrayal, Luther’s team of MECH pilots fight with the code of honor and family–but is it enough to get them through the charred steel of battle?

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