Last of the Light: Rebirth


Book cover I created for ‘Last of the Light: Rebirth’ by Jet Wynn. Available from Amazon.

Before he became Dekartus he was Xadon Vayric, the Great Destroyer of Quortua. He was the man personally responsible for a genocidal campaign that resulted in the deaths of millions of people and the turning of their once prosperous nation into a desert wasteland. He was a seemingly unstoppable monster who was well on his way to becoming the Faradoan Empire’s next King. That was until he was betrayed and thought to have been killed. Forced to reconcile with his actions in three years of isolation, Xadon Vayric was allowed to die and the man known as Dekartus was born. Focused only on the sole task of fixing the damage he had caused as his way of obtaining redemption, Dekartus begins his mission armed with magic, a sword, and a mind that made him one of the most feared men in the world of Chorat. In spite of being hunted by a secret order known as the Lightbringers, his mission slowly begins to turn into a success. But, as fate would have it, the Empire he once served has once again turned its eyes on Quortua with the intent of finishing the job. Can Dekartus prevent the utter destruction of the Quortuans while remaining true to his new self or will he cross the line and be forced to become the Great Destroyer once more?

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