Chemical Serpents

It has arrived! The first limited edition full colour hardbacks of Chemical Serpents by Anton Channing are now available for purchase: [Click Here]

Fully illustrated by yours truly, the full colour interior of the Gold Edition boasts a ‘solar’ or warm colour scheme of red and gold throughout 116 full colour large format pages. The large 20cm by 27cm pages give the art room to display its full glory. Enjoy.

Ubiquitous throughout human history, the serpent has been with us in many forms and guises, wending its way into our earliest rituals and imaginings.

With the serpent as his guide, chaos alchemist Anton Channing explores the alchemical, mystical, magical and mythological symbols of the path to illumination found throughout the world’s mystery schools and religions. A journey that spans the practises of meditation, contact with spirits, astral journeys to the heavens and the underworld, sexual mysteries, entheogenic sacraments and the discovery of one’s own true will.


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