Osiris, God of the Underworld

Osiris © Janice Duke. Full page illustration for Hawk Divine by Janice Duke.

‘I stand before the masters who witnessed the transformation of the body of a man into the body in spirit, who were witnesses to the resurrection when the corpse of Osiris entered the mountain and the soul of Osiris walked out shining…He gathered his thigh, his heel and his leg. He gathered his arms and his backbones. He gathered the dreams crackling inside the dark cave of his skull. He came forth from death a shining thing, his face white with heat…Hail Thoth, architect of truth, give me words of power before gods and goddesses and creatures of light and the messengers of heaven. Grant me unity of the heart, mind and spirit. Grant me love and light, an everlasting body. Grant me the words of transformation and the will of the flesh to make things happen. I wait to come forth by day again. My body turns to greening. I wait to give birth unto dream, to give form to the peace in my heart. I shall be a man on earth shaping the things of god. I am light entering unto fire, coming forth and shining through darkness. May I walk beneath blue heaven singing, my heart telling the story of light. I am a man blessed by becoming millions and millions of times.’

— Triumph through the Cities, Egyptian Book of the Dead

My latest Egyptian diety, Osiris, the almighty, the good shepherd, god of the underworld.

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