Horus, Son of Truth

Horus © Janice Duke. Full page illustration for Hawk Divine by Janice Duke.

‘Let one song rise from the universe. Let the souls of all things tremble as the wind stirs blades of grass. I will sit in the midst of its blue wonder as if that song were struck on my bone and sinew…I shall be like the shining falcon wandering in and out of heaven, like the white ibis in the river gazing on fishes…I know the language of birds, the augury of dawn and the light of days. I know the melody of splendor before the dream of time began. Before my birth huge gods and strange beasts whispered. It was said I should fly from the eye of the sun, even that I should die and my belly swarm with worms, that I should soar like a hawk, the snake writhing in my claws. All I am and shall be were fixed at birth by the cry of birds. And I shall live forever.’

— Becoming the Hawk Divine, Egyptian Book of the Dead

My latest Egyptian diety, the falcon-headed Son of Truth, Horus.

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