Horus, Son of Truth

Horus © Janice Duke. Full page illustration for Hawk Divine by Janice Duke.

Horus, the falcon-headed Son of Truth. Illustration for my book, Hawk Divine. Now available in paperback and on Kindle.

It is as though a thousand eyes open inside of me, like the many and varied facets of a kaleidoscopic jewel. Simultaneously I look inside myself and outside myself and I can no longer see the difference. The many eyes overlap, becoming one great golden orb, blazing from me and upon me, taking its candid measure. It seems to approve and I hear the bird-god speak again:

‘Let one song rise from you: the song of the beginning, the song of manmade palaces in god made Eden, of order in chaos and chaos in order; harmony woven by wisdom and demons bound by understanding.’

— Hawk Divine, J.M. Duke


If you would like to buy a signed, high quality A4 print of this artwork directly from me, please fill in the contact form below:

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