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In the begining emerged the ultimate creative creator — the Universe. And lo, did it create many diverse forms. And one of these forms did maketh a blog.

Hi there. I’m Janice Duke and I’m an illustrator, philosopher and nature lover, with a purrticular fondness for cats. I’m based in Scotland and studied both art and philosophy at university. My favourite artists are: Salvador Dali, Auguste Rodin, and Leonardo da Vinci. My favourite philosophers are: Friedrich Nietzsche, Baruch Spinoza, and Ludwig Wittgenstein. These are probably the strongest influences on my personal work, as well as my interests in wildlife and mythology, along with a fondness for Carl Jung and Robert Anton Wilson. My main philosophical and artistic interest is perception; how and why we perceive our world as we do, and what this tells us about epistemology, ethics and metaphysics. I believe it is aesthetics – above all other branches of philosophy – that has the most to tell us about the meaning of life.

Professionally I specialise in book covers and illustrations for books and articles. I am also working on a number of my own books and intend to illustrate and publish as an author myself in future.

I will be sharing some of my thoughts and creations with you here and would appreciate any feedback.  To start, here are a couple of acrylic pieces I painted to celebrate dropping out of art school and into a full time philosophy degree:

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  1. And what a lovely form she hath become too. May her great artistic and illustrative skills live on forever. I wish I could see all the illustrations you have made. Some are worth admiring for hours.

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